Finishing of balconies with plastic panels

PVC panelling of balconies is one of the most affordable and popular options for lining walls and ceilings. The material is easy to work with, cheaper in price, but the variety of colours and factions allows you to create an interesting style. UniPro offers to finish balconies and loggias with plastic panels in the “turnkey” option. Professional and experienced masters make the lining quickly, reliably and without any shortcomings.

Material observation and its advantages

Balcony is one of the most problematic rooms for finishing in the apartment. Constantly subjected to adverse climatic conditions: cold, temperature drops, wind influence and high humidity. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a material resistant to external influences and not prone to fungi and mould.

Plastic panels are produced from polyvinyl chloride. PVC products are strong, durable and light, practically any pattern can be applied to the surface. The outer side is protected by a special glossy or matte coating or laminate.

Advantages of plastic panelling for balcony:

  1. Low repair costs. Even in a small budget, interesting formative options can be chosen.
  2. Aesthetics. Panels may feature a different colour scheme as well as a texture.
  3. Ecology. The manufacturer manufactures panels from the primary raw material (granules), which allows for a “clean” product. The panels are odourless. 
  4. Handsome. The material is dirt-resistant, it is easy to clean, is not afraid of moisture. And there is no chance of fungus or mould.
  5. Long-term. Installation on the gutter provides a ventilated facade that minimizes the degradation of the concrete and the formation of fungi.

The Unipro specialists have been working in the Estonian market since 2002. During that time, we have grown into a full-cycle large workshop. We offer glazing of balconies, loggias, terraces, verandas, installation of railings, canopies, as well as complete finishing of rooms. We are the official representative of the major manufacturers of window structures and related materials.

We offer design, design selection, assembly and installation services for structures of any complexity. We will help to figure out the project and put it into practice. During use, we provide post-warranty and technical maintenance.

The amount of the order depends on the size of the balcony or loggia, their constructive features, cost price of consumables, fixing technology, availability of additional services.

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