Turnkey glazing for terraces.

Terrace- it is an open or glazed room located directly by the main wall of the house, summer home or any other building. As a rule, it does not have heating and ventilation is done through doorways. This kind of extensions can be found in private houses, lower buildings and less frequently in apartments. They form an additional technical or living space, which can be used for recreation, storage or barbecue installation. UniPro offers complete turnkey glazing of the terrace. Aluminum profiles are perfect for constructions with large surfaces. It is a lightweight but also durable material, which does not need reinforcement. Painted profile and different types of glass let you create a comfortable atmosphere.

5 reasons to choose a glazed terrace

  1. The room is protected from wind, rain and dirt. There is no need to worry about interior decoration materials, furniture and other items of the interior.
  2. It is possible to keep the temperature of the terrace higher than the street temperature all year round. The issue of ventilation is easily solved through the opening of doors.
  3. A warm extension warms and strengthens the walls of the house, prevents and makes it more difficult for outsiders to enter the house.
  4. Aluminum profiles withstand sudden temperature changes, are not affected by corrosion or afraid of water.
  5. The performance of aluminum lasts for decades. This means that after using aluminum systems to glaze your terrace, you will be using these for decades.

Our customers can choose any profile configuration, any color from the RAL catalog, but also the type of glass – transparent, tinted, tempered or stained.

UniPro professionals are ready to perform all types of design work, design preparation, assembly and installation of structures. Offered are both separate services and complete solutions. We perform post-warranty and ongoing technical services.


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