Enclosures for balconies and verandas

UniPro was founded in 2002. Initially, we were engaged in the implementation of simple structures. Extensive experience in working with various materials and solutions, as well as communication with manufacturers allowed us to find our own way in assembling and installing enclosures for balconies and verandas. At the same time, we are the direct representatives of the manufacturers of components for our structures, and the only company offering complete turnkey solutions for balconies.

Panoramic glass enclosures are a popular solution for balconies and verandas. They have become fashionable due to their excellent appearance on the facades of buildings and a magnificent view from the premises. In the manufacture of balconies and verandas fences, we use triplex glass, which is highly durable and completely safe.


The UniPro team works with all types of structures for various objects:

  • balconies and loggias in multi-storied apartment blocks;
  • verandas in private houses;
  • terraces of cafes and summer grounds of restaurants;
  • entrances with and without a porch.

For each object we select an individual design that fits into the overall style of the interior and exterior.

We implement turnkey projects: we create the design of future enclosures, select the necessary components and install them on site. All stages are done with well-honed skills: measuring, assembly, installation, cladding, etc. Each stage is carried out efficiently, quickly, within the specified time frame.

Advantages of our projects

When building enclosures for a veranda, balcony or other space, we select materials so that the finished structures meet the following criteria:

  • easy to maintain. The surfaces on both sides are easy to clean, and besides the usual washing, no extra cleaning is required.
  • has a wonderful panoramic view. You can admire gorgeous landscapes: wild or urban.  
  • has absolute safety. Glass verandas and loggias are very difficult to break. But even if it happens, the glass does not shatter, only small pieces with round edges will form: it’s impossible to get hurt.
  • has nice light frames. All components – frames, handrails and fasteners are made of aluminum and are lightweight. They are painted in any color from the RAL catalog, which allows you to select the style you like for the interior and exterior.

Among other things, the structures are resistant to the elements, and other external influences, they are not affected by corrosion or precipitation. Due to this, they serve for more than a decade.

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