UniPro provides modern turnkey solutions for balconies

Our workers started to build their experience in 2002 – initially, the company was a seller of simple construction solutions. When the circle of our customers gradually expanded, the list of our services became longer. We have come a long way – from being a seller of simple constructions to representing several material manufacturers and companies engaged in the assembly and installation of constructions of different complexity.


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Modern turnkey balconies

UniPro – a lot of experience and knowledge for each stage, be it measuring, assembly, installation or lining. We produce quality work at high speed.

We have experience in planning, designing, assembling, installing structures and solving complex tasks. We carry out the entire work cycle – from concept to implementation, from new railings to complete glazing of balconies, with new awnings and the inner lining.

All this helps us to stand out on the market, because we are the only ones providing complete turnkey solutions. It’s not a problem for us to completely cover your balcony, or build new covering, and install ordinary or sliding windows.

We help you:

  • dismantle the old balcony or porch/loggia;
  • install a metal frame of the awning, and cover it with any modern material;g
  • install new railings;
  • do balcony glazing: install frameless systems, framed sliding systems, or plastic windows;
  • cover the inside of the balcony with plastic panels;
  • lay a new floor using patio boards or SPC laminate;
  • insulate the balcony with mineral wool or styrofoam blocks;
  • choose between different styles when designing;
  • perform extra work (wiring and lighting, etc.);
  • clean the place after the work is completed (e. g. debris removal).

Our specialists help you to complete any project. We advise on all questions, so that you can choose the best solution for your new balcony.

5 easy steps from concept to implementation:

  1. place your order on our website and we will call you;
  2. our sales managers will choose the most optimal price solution, and draw up a contract;
  3. our specialists will take all the necessary measurements at the nearest convenient time for you, and deliver possible options;
  4. we will fulfil the order in the shortest possible time;
  5. UniPro professionals do the final installation, and you have a high-quality turnkey balcony just for you.

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