Wall panels: the most optimal option for interior decoration of the balcony

• In order to prevent the balcony from becoming a trite space for storage of unnecessary, old things, you need to order a “turnkey” service from the UniPro company. Specialists develop a unique design project of the room, which includes: balcony glazing (cold or warm); • basic condition of the room finish – installation of the frame and insulation (as an option); • interior decoration: decor of walls, floors, ceilings.

What kind of constrictions necessary for cosmetic repair exist?

The modern market of construction goods allows you to choose materials meeting the customer requirements. It can be both decorative plaster, and liquid wallpaper, MDF boards, lining. The most optimal “value-for-money” option is wall panels.

So, what are their advantages?

  1. Wall panels are easy to assemble, they do not require professionals or the use of special equipment.
  2. This material perfectly smooths the walls, thus decorating any roughness or unevenness.
  3. To install wall panels, strong preparation of walls is not required. Removal of the old coating or crumbling parts, after which PVC elements can be installed, is enough.
  4. Panels are simple in use: just wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.
  5. The material is affordable in price, which allows you to save on interior decoration. In doing so, it boasts a stylish and modern design, giving the balcony a finished and harmonious look.
  6. Wall panels are made of eco-clean material, so no toxins are released.
  7. One more advantage – hard PVC panels do not ignite. When affected by an open flame, no harmful gases are released.
  8. Resistant to sudden drops in temperature, does not stain from the action of ultraviolet rays.

The UniPro masters have been specialising in “turnkey” repair of balconies and loggias for years. We guarantee compliance with the agreed terms. When making repairs and building work, we take into the account the requirements of technical standards, which allows us to make the premises both functional and comfortable.

To order a “turnkey” repair service for the balcony, call an adviser by phone. The economic managers calculate the approximate cost of the works and send the evaluator to the object at a time convenient for the customer.

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