Installation of sliding windows as a cheap and reliable glazing option

Sliding window systems solve two serious problems at once - they create space on the balcony or loggia and ensure the safe opening and closing of window frames. Usually, opening window frames take up a lot of space, almost always blocking access to corners. However, warm glass panels allow you to transform adjacent rooms into usable rooms that can be used in all seasons. UniPro offers turnkey solutions for finishing balconies and loggias with plastic panes. Professional and experienced specialists finish the lining quickly, securely and without any defects. UniPro offers turnkey installation of sliding windows. Our experts take measurements free of charge, check installation conditions and choose the most suitable glazing option.

Special features of the device

The construction is made of aluminum profile, which has rollers at the bottom. Thanks to the moving mechanism, the glass panel does not open towards the room, instead it slides smoothly along the bearing. What are the advantages of using sliding windows?

  1. Frees up more space. As a result, you can place plants, decorative elements and cute trinkets on the windowsill.
  2. Nothing blocks access to the balcony; frames do not hit the furniture or the drying rack.
  3. The tight connection between the two window panels achieves excellent airtightness. The room stays warm for a long time. Wind, rain and sounds cannot enter the room.
  4. Sliding glass is beautiful, stylish and always in fashion. Sliding frames look elegant, do not seem awkward and fit perfectly into a modern interior.
  5. Durability and safety. The closing mechanism protects the windows reliably from intrusive street sounds.

On the UniPro website you will find a large range of sliding windows and models with classic opening/closing systems. We offer a complete glazing solution, starting with the inspection of the site and project preparations to assembly and installation.

Cooperation with leading manufacturers of aluminum profiles and fittings allows us to create unique, original solutions for apartments and private houses. We will help you choose the ideal model according to the initial parameters of the room.

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