Lightweight and durable shelters and awnings

A light but durable awning is essential for the top floors of apartment buildings. A clear plastic awning provides more light and looks much more modern and beautiful than a massive metal-coated awning. Sheltered verandas mean that it is possible to use the veranda in bad, rainy weather. Usually, the awning is placed on the side of the house or directly in front of it. As the structure is in a visible place and it attracts attention, it is important to build in the same architectural style as the house.

Specific characteristics of UniPro awnings

The main activity of our company is glazing of balconies and installation of awnings. We build awnings using modern materials – aluminum profile, honeycomb polycarbonate Makrolon, plexiglass.

UniPro awnings:

  1. are strong;
  2. withstand vibrations caused by wind gusts;
  3. are rainproof, can withstand heavy hail or snow;
  4. are aesthetic looking. Thanks to the special coating, polycarbonate and plexiglass do not change color when exposed to UV radiation.
  5. are long lasting.

UniPro assembles shelters and awnings from start to finish. We do not outsource installation to other companies. That is why our prices are affordable and intended for a wide range of consumers.

Ordering UniPro shelters

If you need an awning, call the phone number shown on our website or send an email inquiry and arrange for the measurements to be taken. Simultaneously with the construction of the awning, we can also glaze the balconies of your house. We offer discounts for customers who have ordered several services (such as installation of an awning and glazing of a balcony).

After taking measurements, our specialist will coordinate the design of the awning with you:

  1. the color of the awning (according to the RAL catalog);
  2. the shape of the awning (single or double inclined).

The project is prepared according to your wishes. We will prepare the budget – calculate and agree with you on the amount and cost of the required materials. You do not have to buy anything yourself.

On a suitable day, our brigade will come and install the awning. We install awnings quickly and efficiently and after finishing the work, we clean the area and take away the trash. As a result, you will get a fully finished awning and no trash remains in your yard or balcony.

Take this opportunity to get a durable and beautiful custom-made awning with a guarantee and the best price!

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