Decking board

Decking board— is a multi-purpose finishing material. It can be used for various purposes:

  • laying the floor on terraces and verandas;
  • cladding terraces, balconies and enclosed balconies walls;
  • flooring of balconies and enclosed balconies.

UniPro company applies materials produced by Estonian manufacturers. This decking is of high quality corresponding to all the standards and norms. The material is manufactured of natural wood with composite impregnation. Deep impregnation protects the material against fungus, prevents damages by insects and increases its operational qualities to a significant degree.


Decking boards is ideal not only for its intended purpose but fits well for cladding balconies and enclosed balconies. Various textures of the material give a wide range of options to choose for flooring, walls, and even for window sill tops. Such a wide range of products allows us to implement any project applying high-quality and durable materials.


Benefits of decking board

Decking board  — is a durable, wearproof material created to be used in places requiring heavy-duty flooring. Floor of terraces and verandas undergo continuous load, temperature differences, and there is always a risk of high humidity. Decking board is resistant to all these types of exposure.

Benefits of applying the decking board:

  • Heavy-duty. The material is extremely wearproof, resistant to mechanical damages.
  • Durability. The material has a long service life without losing its pristine appearance due to its high quality.
  • Hypoallergenicity. The decking is manufactured of natural wood and safe composite additions.
  • Easy-to-use. The material does not require any special type of maintenance and can be washed with standard household detergents.

When used for flooring of the balcony or an enclosed balcony the floor level gets higher and arrives to the balcony door profile level minimizing the risk to stumble against the doorstep. Yet another benefit of the material is the possibility to change the color shade to the preferred one with the help of a special impregnation. This will allow not to replace the flooring when making the renovation works the next time.

We offer individual designs for your verandas, enclosed balconies, and balconies thanks to the decking boards.

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