Technorattan balcony finishing and parapets

One of the options for balcony finishing offered by UniPro company— technorattan. It is a modern material, which is made of intertwined synthetic fibers or narrow bars of a certain color. One can use technorattan for a balcony parapet, floor, walls and even furniture. Polyrattan does not lose color under the sunshine, it can be exposed to water, dirt, heat and cold, therefore a balcony finished with this material by UniPro specialists will look like a new one for a long time.

What is technorattan material and why it is used for balcony finishing and balcony parapets

Polyrattan, technorattan, synthetic rattan — is the same material, produced of polyethylene with the extrusion technology. UniPro uses technorattan for manufacturing balcony floor and parapets finishing. The applied technology allows to produce durable sheets of various colors and textures.

The high-quality of technorattan materials applied by UniPro for manufacturing of balcony parapets and exterior finishing  is confirmed with certificates. The certificates, among other things, include the results of technorattan thermodynamic characteristics testing, aging and conditioning tests.

Service life of polyrattan finishing and parapets can reach a half century: it does not lose color, it is easy to wash, it does not create a heavy load on the balcony structure, withstands heat and cold well.


Technorattan as a material for balcony parapet finishing and flooring

The strong quality of the material that we use to manufacture parapets and floor finishing is in the variety of colors and textures: technorattan in the balcony finishing and parapets can be  almost undistinguishable from a natural material, but also can be offered in a monochromatic  option having texture and color imitating marble, tree bark, leather. The painting technology allows not to worry about direct sun rays: the UV-resistance is very high.

Parapets and balconies technorattan finishing by UniPro specialists — is a client-oriented project always. Depending on the client wishes, the balcony can turn into a small terrace in colonial architecture style or can be finished with rattan “leather”: there are almost no limits for technorattan designs.

Technorattan installation on balcony parapets.

UniPro specialists can offer various types of technorattan installation. Starting with the most simple “on screed coat” and ending with “invisible fixtures“ applying profile systems. All these options are within UniPro specialists’ powers.


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