Selection and Installation of Inter-Glazing Seals

When installing frameless glazing on a balcony or terrace, it is impossible to achieve a tight fit between adjacent glasses - there remains a gap through which snow, raindrops and dust enter the balcony. With inter-glazing seals it is possible to make the junction of wings airtight. Their use is mandatory for sliding apart or sliding together panoramic glazing. UniPro Company uses different types of seals subject to glass thickness, the requirements for the service life and aesthetics of panoramic glazing.

Types and methods of inter-glazing seal installation

UniPro uses gaskets made of either silicone or plastic (polyvinyl chloride or PVC) for sealing glass joints in frameless glazing.

  • silicone seal is flexible and resilient, it is a bit easier to open and close the elements of a frameless translucent structure with the seal; its service life as many as 5 years;
  • plastic inter-glazing seal is more rigid and durable; its service life is up to 7 years.

When assembling glazing, UniPro specialists mainly use transparent seals. Thus, the seams between glasses become less noticeable, and the light transmission of the glazing is maximum.

Properly and neatly installed inter-glazing seal helps to increase the tightness of the structure, get rid of drafts with open balcony doors, protect the balcony or terrace from precipitation and dust, and slightly increase sound insulation.

Depending on the method of panoramic glazing opening, we install double-sided F- or H-type seals. Both options are good because they cover the gap between the glasses with a margin. When glazing is completely sealed, some kind of air chamber remains between the glasses servicing as additional protection from noise, wind and precipitation. It is the double-sided seal that ensures maximum tightness of the gap between the glasses.

The wearing of sealing elements is reduced. But if it is damaged after all, UniPro specialists are ready to replace the inter-glazing seals with new ones and fully restore the functionality of the panoramic glazing.


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