Installation of Plastic Sliding Doors

For terraces, patios and hallways of country houses, UniPro offers an elegant and modern solution for the entrance unit - plastic sliding doors. They can be either a part of a double-height structure along the facade of the house, or a large-format translucent structure fitted into the façade, or an element of panoramic glazing. PVC sliding doors are not only more convenient than classic wooden hinged doors, but also admit more light into the house or building extension. Through their assistance it is easy to control the microclimate in the room: to close the doors in a flash in case of bad weather and just as quickly to let the sun and warm air into the house when the clouds dissipate.

5 reasons to choose plastic sliding doors

1. Stylish design

It doesn’t matter if you choose doors with plastic panel at the door bottom leaf or with insulated glazing units at the top and bottom – sliding doors look more advanced and stylish than ordinary wooden or MDF doors. At the request of the customer, the door frame can be made of a wood grain material.

2. Maximum light translucency

The version of plastic sliding doors with insulated glazing units and without plastic solid core section admits a lot of light into the interior – such doors look appropriate in the panoramic glazing solutions for terraces; as well, the actual daylight hours in the interior last longer when using this option.

3. Convenient and wide doorway, space saving solution

The peculiar feature of sliding doors is that they are wider than swing door models. This means that if you include them in the entrance unit of the house or the terrace, then certain problems of bringing in furniture and large-sized household appliances will disappear.

4. Higher heat-saving characteristics

When installing plastic sliding doors, UniPro specialists apply reliable fittings and high-quality gaskets, so the heat-shielding enclosure of the house will not be affected, the ability to retain heat is exactly the same as that of properly installed heat-saving windows.

5. Safety and durability

The tempered glass of insulated glazing units can withstand even strong impacts, and the opening mechanism of plastic sliding doors is injury safe – the doors open without effort or the risk of pinching a finger.


Performed by UniPro experts, plastic sliding doors for a terrace or a hallway represent much more than just a barrier between the home and the street. This is one of the intrinsic components of comfort and safety of your home.


PVC HST Energo


Lift-slide doors HST are an ideal choice for those who appreciate comfort when going out on the balcony, terrace or garden space open.

They enable a good contact with the environment, and after opening do not take place in the room.

HST doors made of PVC fulfill all technical requirements and visual systems which are substituted before sliding the latest generation.
The COMFORT version PSK is a unique, yet functional product profile with a depth equal to 74 mm. His 6 – chamber design allows to obtain very good thermal insulation properties, which translates into a reduction in heating costs.

It is possible to handle windows with automatic, which facilitates the functioning of the wing.
The ENERGO version PSK is a unique yet functional product in its class with a depth equal to 82.5 mm profile. His 6 – chamber design allows to obtain very good thermal insulation properties, which translates into a reduction in heating costs. It comprises a central seal and the abutment in three seals.

Lift & slide Tilt & slide
P-line HST
Heat transfer coefficient
Uf 1.2 W/m² K (for the frame) to 0.74 W/m² K
Uf to 0.76 W/m² K (for the frame)
Sound protection
Rw 45 dBRw 42 dB
Wind resistance
C2/B2 3) and C1/B2 4) acc. to EN 12210
up to class B3/C3 acc. EN 12210
Water tightnessup to the class 9A acc. to EN 12208
up to class 8A acc. EN 12208
Air penetration rateup to class 4 acc. to EN 12207
up to class 4 acc. PN-EN 12207
Basic safety measures
Basic protection

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