Fully complete balcony – works of any degree of complexity Fully complete balcony is a service that can be ordered from UniPro. Our employees are competent specialists who quickly, accurately and professionally disassemble old structures and install new balcony systems in both private houses and apartments.

Balcony windows: what types of glazing are available?

The complex service of “Fully complete balcony” implies a variety of basic works: balcony glazing, installation of water mouldings, installation of a ventilated frame on the walls and parapet, internal insulation (on demand) and finishing of the room (tile colour of your choice).

Customers can order the following loggia or balcony glazing from UniPro:

  1. Warm glass surface. Ideal solution for balconies and loggias if apartment owners want to get extra space at the expense of balcony space. PVC profile provides excellent sound- and thermal insulation.
  2. 2 types of cold glazing. Suitable for rooms not intended for winter use. Such balcony structures provide protection from wind, rain and snow. In most cases, an aluminum profile is used, peculiar to long-term use and light construction.
  3. Frameless (panoramic) glazing. This is one of the most aesthetic options for glazing, which turns the balcony of any apartment or house into a real gem. Constructions may have a tinted glass, a coloured profile, etc., combined with other decorative elements. Due to the lack of vertical profiles, this system was called frameless (panoramic) glazing.
  4. Aluminum sliding systems. The easiest to use, the most reliable and economical type of glass surface. Each wing is in an aluminium frame and moves along the guide like a wardrobe.

The company has enough production capacity to manufacture aluminum balcony structures promptly. Extra services provided where appropriate:

  • profile powder coating in each RAL scale colour;
  • installation of different glass types to ensure customer satisfaction;
  • installation of accessories, which makes the use of the structure even more convenient.

The UniPro company is a reliable assistant in glazing balconies. We know how to make the balcony cosy.

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