Balcony enclosing and glazing

Our company UniPro specializes in modern engineering solutions for enclosing and glazing of balconies, loggias, terraces. We work for private and corporate customers.

Advantages of our turnkey enclosing + glazing service:

  • pleasant transparent structures look excellent from the outside and inside;
  • we create complex solutions in the uniform style and composition;
  • we manage all stages of work – planning, design, assembly, installation;
  • we use triplex tempered glass for absolute safety;
  • there are quality guarantees for materials, finishing, installation.

UniPro has existed since 2002, and we have managed to expand the range of services and develop each stage of the technology. We build new enclosures and canopies, do glazing for balconies and interior cladding. We measure and install quickly and neatly. We carefully choose our suppliers in order to offer our customers truly reliable solutions. We officially represent manufacturers, follow the recommended assembly and installation technologies.

Why glass enclosing and glazing have become popular:

  • natural light, beautiful panoramic views, space appears more spacious;
  • safety at high altitude – it’s almost impossible to break tempered glass; even if it happens, it doesn’t shatter, only small pieces with rounded edges are formed;
  • stylish aluminium fasteners in any colour;
  • resistance to wind and precipitation, protection from the elements.

Glass balconies attract architects’ and designers’ interest. Some customers prefer the entire space to be in a uniform style from floor to ceiling. It’s practical, beautiful, and in line with modern design aesthetics.

Our company solves this issue in a comprehensive manner, offering modern and stylish combined designs. We combine glass enclosure and frameless glazing. The result is a lightweight, transparent, visually weightless design with excellent views from balconies and terraces, plus great natural light.

Besides aesthetic benefits, such structures protect well from the wind, give the facade a complete look, and fit perfectly into urban and suburban landscapes.

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