Protective Fence Covering: the best way to prevent deterioration of your fence

Protection of private or commercial grounds from trespassing is the primary task of an owner of a land plot. A vast number of most various types of fencing are present on the modern market: stone and brick structures, metal fences, wooden systems and fences made of plastic panels. However, any material is subject to deterioration under the impact of environmental factors and mechanical stress. To protect the supporting structure from damage, a special fence protective tape (also known as fence privacy roll or fence protective strip or fence weave roll) made of reliable and durable materials is used.

Benefits of Protective Fence Covering

The fence tape is suitable for mounting on any type of structure from a stone fence to a fencing mesh. Elastic and dense material has excellent performance characteristics and is rather versatile in use. Installation of this product gives its owner the following advantages:

  • protection of the fence body against deterioration under the influence of wind, rain, extremely low and high temperatures and fading of colours under UV rays;
  • reliable seclusion of your private space from the prying eyes and nosy ears;
  • simplicity of installation: the tape is easily attached to the existing fence structure without the need to purchase special tools, also the tape does not break when bent;
  • reliability and durability of the tape in use under various environmental conditions;
  • extension of the service life of the main fence structure due to the physical protection of its surface with an additional layer;
  • budget solution for owners of private and commercial plots;
  • wide range of applications: the tape can be used for fencing country houses and cottages, recreation areas, construction sites and gas stations.

Polypropylene tape for fences goes on sale in the form of rolls of various heights, its installation is easy and suitable for DIY assembly with a minimum set of tools or, if you wish, you can always contact the installation specialists. A non-transparent material will reliably protect the territory from curious neighbours, small animals, wind and dust. The elegant and concise appearance will successfully fit into any landscape design project.

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