Wooden Windows

When it comes time to replace windows, many owners of apartments and country houses face a choice: wood or plastic. The first option means higher cost, which is fully justified by the numerous advantages of wooden window design:

  1. These windows are environmentally friendly and safe for health. Wood is a natural material, and some coniferous species of wood contain resins and phytoncides making a healthful microclimate indoors. This facilitates a good health and improves immunity.
  2. The windows are durable and reliable. Wooden windows’ life is more than one decade. The service life of present-day products is additionally increased due to antiseptic treatment.
  3. High strength with low weight. The wood is thoroughly dried for the manufacture of windows, so its volume decreases. On the contrary, strength indicator increases.
  4. Improved noise-insulating and heat-saving properties. Windows are resistant to temperature difference, perfectly retain warmth indoors and do not allow cold air getting inside.
  5. Fire safety. Thanks to special preservation treatments, wooden windows have the same flammability class as plastic ones. At that, compared to their analogue, in case of extensive fire, the structures do not emit toxic substances.
  6. Stylish appearance. Windows with wooden frames embody home comfort and warmth, which is not proper to lifeless plastic. The product fits harmoniously into any interior, it can be combined with various kind of design.
  7. Ease of maintenance, repair, and renovation. If any defect appears,wooden windows can be easily restored, repainted or varnished.

UniPro Company installs wooden windows on turnkey basis. You can order high-quality wood products of any design (hinged casement windows, sliding windows, or pivoted windows, with a different number of leafs), select the optimal double-glazed unit, the tint of the wooden frame, and related fittings. Binding warranty is provided for all works.

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