Plastic Sliding Windows

Plastic sliding windows are one of the most popular types of warm glazing for balconies, recessed balconies, terraces and other premises. These designs are harmoniously combined with the plastic windows of apartments and houses. Sliding systems save space and they are easy to use thanks to the wings that move along the guides. They can be opened without blocking the passage and without removing flower pots or other objects from the windowsill. The sliding windows allow you rationally use every centimeter of operating space. For manufacture we use durable sections with one glazed unit.

The UniPro team offers plastic sliding windows for rooms of various shapes:

  • rectangular;
  • polygonal;
  • L- and U-shaped.

We use high-strength steel for the production of slides in the upper and lower parts. The noise-free movement of the leafs is ensured by metal carriages and special rubber gaskets. Special cure is not required for such windows. It is enough to wash them with water from time to time and lubricate the fittings with ordinary machine oil.


Advantages of plastic sliding windows

We offer you designs that are the best combination of functionality, aesthetics and cost. They provide a large amount of light, reliably protect from wind and dust, and create a beautiful appearance. Plastic sliding windows have a number of other advantages.

1. They easily withstand large amplitudes of temperature fluctuations; they retain their shape and their performance characteristics even in the conditions of an extreme continental climate.

2. High level of sound insulation ensures a comfortable indoor atmosphere even in the area of noisy streets.

3. The sliding mechanism allows you securely fixing the open wing. The fixing prevents flapping even in strong winds.

4. A plastic glazed unit retains warmth and maintains a pleasantly cool temperature for the whole period before severe frosts without additional insulation.

5. A mechanically undamaged strong frame is designed for a long service life of more than 50 years.

6. A window with a sliding mechanism is more affordable than a traditional hinged casement window.

We offer a wide range of colors for powder coating of sections and installation of additional accessories to make you even more comfortable and cozy with our windows.

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