Aluminum thermal break sliding windows

Aluminum thermal break sliding windows are an original solution for glazing balconies, enclosed balconies, winter gardens, and other heated rooms. These structures save space and are easy-to-use. This technology allows to order large-size or complex double glass panes, as well as a glass roof and facade glazing with sliding doors. We use profiles with advanced heat insulating features and one or more sealing contours in our products.

The UniPro team offers two types of sliding windows with window sashes moving on guide rails:

  • lift and slide systems with a draw-out mechanism;
  • sliding systems of “compartment” type

Number of window sashes in the system is not limited.

Benefits of aluminum thermal break sliding windows

Aluminum structures combine functionality and aesthetics, ensuring a lot of light in the premises, heat insulation and a beautiful appearance. We use modern technologies and high-quality materials at our production. Thanks to this, our windows have a number of advantages.

  1. Strength and durability. The profile does not get deformed, it is resistant to temperature differences, precipitation, and corrosion. The service life is 40-80 years.
  2. Environmentally safe and fire resistant. Aluminum profile does not release harmful substances and is suitable for use in residential premises.
  3. Wide range of design types – starting with matt-finished  and ending with glossy coated, anodized, and wood cladded design. You can choose the style that fits your interiors or exteriors.
  4. Simple installation and high repairability, easy-to-use systems.

We manufacture windows with sashes fitting tight to the frames that do not bend and do not sag down with time, protect well any premises from cold and wind.

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