Aluminum sliding windows without thermal insulation

Aluminum sliding windows without thermal insulation is the most affordable option for glazing of balconies, enclosed balconies, verandas, terraces, and other premises. Sashes of such windows take minimum space when opened saving the space and allowing to take advantage of the window sills for placing flowers and other objects. You can order the most complicated type of windows thanks to the plasticity of aluminum. We use profiles with double-pane glass for glazing without thermal insulation.

UniPro team offers sliding windows of “compartment” type with sashes moving on guide rails:

You can choose any number of sashes for your system. Durable aluminum profiles can be narrower than other materials since they do not require reinforcement. This feature allows us to offer you glazing with a wide light opening, bringing maximum quantity of light to the premises.

Benefits of aluminum sliding windows without thermal insulation

This type of glazing is recommended if heat and noise insulation are not the priority tasks. It ensures a good protection against wind and dust. We use modern technologies and high-quality materials for the windows production. Our windows have a number of benefits thanks to this approach.

  1. Strength and durability. Aluminum profile does not get deformed, it is resistant to temperature differences, precipitation, and corrosion. The service life comprises 40-80 years.
  2. Environmentally safe and fire resistant. Aluminum profile does not release harmful substances and is suitable for use in residential premises.
  3. Light weight. No additional reinforcement of bearing structures is required due to this feature. You can glaze a balcony or an enclosed balcony even in old houses where additional structures may create a dangerous extra weight.
  4. Wide selection of colors for profiles coating. You can choose the style that fits your interiors or exteriors.
  5. Simple installation and high repairability, easy-to-use systems.
alum holodn

We manufacture windows with sashes fitting tight to the frames that do not bend and do not sag down with time, protect well any premises from dirt and currents of air.

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