Thermal Aluminium Sliding Doors: an ergonomic and elegant solution

Aluminium sliding doors are one of the most popular solutions on the market today. Thermal-insulated aluminium door systems are gradually replacing metal-plastic ones, as they have a huge number of advantages and are in no way inferior in operation and service. Those door assemblies can be installed both in a private house and in an office building. A wide range of applications allows this type of doors to be installed in any space where a panoramic design is required.

According to the way of opening sliding aluminium doors are divided into 2 types:

  • parallel sliding;
  • tilting;

The use of a sliding mechanism allows to save usable space, which is especially important with a small room area. The modern and reliable design makes its use comfortable and safe for many years.

Thermal aluminium doors structurally consist of an aluminium profile with a sliding system, which is mounted on the floor and to the ceiling. Due to the low weight of the metal, doors can be installed even in rooms where the ceiling is not reinforced. A distinction is made between thermal and non-thermal systems. The first type is used in heated rooms, the profile is thermally insulated and provides sufficient insulation from environmental factors. As a consequence, the second type is suitable to be installed in unheated premises, mainly for industrial applications.


Sliding aluminium doors have a number of undoubted advantages:

  • simple and reliable in use;
  • reliable and durable mechanisms designed for many years of active operation;
  • full protection against cold, wind and dust due to the use of sealed structures;
  • aesthetically pleasing and modern external appearance. Panoramic structures will fit perfectly into any design and will favourably emphasize the high status of their owner.

Thermal aluminium doors represent a great alternative to classic systems, they are even perfectly suitable to be installed in houses located near busy motorways, as those doors positively isolate the interior space from extraneous sounds. Additional anti-burglary elements and reinforced glass are intended to provide physical protection against intrusion by trespassers and the like.

Lift-slide doors HST are an ideal choice for those who appreciate comfort when exiting a balcony, terrace or garden space open.

They enable a good contact with the environment, and after opening do not take place in the room.

Construction profiles MB-77HS allows the execution of exclusive doors of large-size glass filled with one or two-chamber. Permitted sash weight is up to 400 kg! Thanks to the materials and technical solutions doors achieve a high heat transfer coefficient.
MB-PSK windows 70 are innovative design which satisfies the requirements of thermal and acoustic insulation of exterior architectural building elements.

The construction depth of frame and sash is 70 mm. The window creates a stunning effect of one plane.

Window Profile MB-70 is characterized above all functionality and a low U value through the use of special thermal separators and seals.

In addition, their tightness is ensured by the use of EPDM gaskets.

It is possible to handle windows with automatic, which facilitates the functioning of the wing.


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