Installation of Non-Thermal Aluminium Sliding Doors

UniPro installs aluminium sliding doors - this is a solution for terraces, balcony entrance units, extensions of private houses. Options for installing either thermal or non-thermal doors are available. The first option, with insulating fiberglass thermal inserts in the profiles and triple-glazed window units, is suitable for the role of an entrance section to a balcony with non-thermal glazing, the second one is intended for summer terraces and extensions, for installation of entrance units on thermally insulated balconies instead of classic doors and balcony windows.

UniPro team offers sliding windows of “compartment” type with sashes moving on guide rails:

You can choose any number of sashes for your system. Durable aluminum profiles can be narrower than other materials since they do not require reinforcement. This feature allows us to offer you glazing with a wide light opening, bringing maximum quantity of light to the premises.

Why choose aluminium sliding doors?

Both thermal and non-thermal aluminium sliding doors are not just a replacement for classic swing doors. As part of panoramic glazing (full-height glazing), they have practically no alternatives, and as a solution for balcony entrance doors, they help save space and consolidate the spaces of the balcony and adjoining rooms.

The choice in favour of aluminium sliding doors is based on their:

  • maximum light translucency – fully transparent sliding doors help extend daylight hours in the house;
  • reliability and safety – aluminium sliding doors do not pinch fingers, even a small child is able to cope with their opening;
  • long service life – the aluminium frame of the door can last more than half a century, it is insensitive to sudden temperature fluctuations, and tempered glass can withstand strong impacts;
  • versatility – aluminium sliding doors are operated manually to both open and close similar to windows, they can be also set to a ventilation mode, or they can be slide apart to allow maximum light and air into the house.

Thermal and non-thermal aluminium sliding doors

Depending on the location of their installation and customer requirements regarding door specifications, UniPro installs both thermal and non-thermal versions of these assemblies.

Thermal sliding doors are used as entrance units, or as part of panoramic glazing on heated terraces.

Non-thermal aluminium sliding doors are installed instead of a “door and sill” combination on heated balconies, on summer terraces and extensions.

These options differ according to their configuration: the aluminium profile of the thermal door frame has heat-insulating inserts, gaskets are thicker and more durable. The structure of non-thermal doors is lighter, as instead of a double-glazed unit, they can have single tempered or simple glass.

Lift-slide doors HST are an ideal choice for those who appreciate comfort when exiting a balcony, terrace or garden space open.

They enable a good contact with the environment, and after opening do not take place in the room.

Construction profiles MB-77HS allows the execution of exclusive doors of large-size glass filled with one or two-chamber. Permitted sash weight is up to 400 kg! Thanks to the materials and technical solutions doors achieve a high heat transfer coefficient.
MB-PSK windows 70 are innovative design which satisfies the requirements of thermal and acoustic insulation of exterior architectural building elements.

The construction depth of frame and sash is 70 mm. The window creates a stunning effect of one plane.

Window Profile MB-70 is characterized above all functionality and a low U value through the use of special thermal separators and seals.

In addition, their tightness is ensured by the use of EPDM gaskets.

It is possible to handle windows with automatic, which facilitates the functioning of the wing.

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