Wooden doors

The classic balcony wooden doors have long proved their unique qualities. At that, the structures of up-to-date design made of this material are distinctly different from their Soviet-era analogues.

They fully meet all the requirements that balcony or recessed balcony doors must meet, and have a number of advantages:

  1. They have improved thermal insulation properties, and this is especially noticeable in combination with energy-saving insulating glass units. Retaining warmth in premises as much as possible and preventing drafts, balcony wooden doors allow cutting the cost of heating.
  2. Being a natural “breathing” material, the doors ensure natural air circulation in premises. The air in a room with such kind of door is much fresher than when the room is “sealed” with plastic.
  3. They efficiently insulate against street noise. This factor is especially important for big-city residents and  owners of homes with unglazed balconies.
  4. They are environmentally friendly and completely safe for health. And when the door is made of coniferous wood, the air is also enriched with useful phytoncides and resins.
  5. The doors can make interior cozy and homey or give a luxury touch- it depends on wood species. In any case,  the room looks more aesthetically pleasing with a wooden balcony door.
  6. Reliability and long life are their specific features. Modern methods of wood processing do not allow the material to dry out and crack over time.

By design, balcony wooden doors are classified as single-leafed and double-leafed. The width of the door way determines the design, but single-leafed doors are most common. Also, a door leaf is manufactured solid, glazed or combined when the lower part of the door is made of wood and the upper part is glazed. As a rule, the balcony door is combined with the window, although sometimes it is located separately. A single or double glazed unit is used for glazing the structure. At the request of the customer, there may be non-standard glazing (for example, tinted glass for south-facing window).

UniPro offers to install balcony wooden doors on a turnkey basis. Our experts will realize all your wishes, they will manufacture products of any design.



Lift-slide doors HST are an ideal choice for those who appreciate comfort when going out on the balcony, terrace or garden space open.

They enable a good contact with the environment, and after opening do not take place in the room.

HST wooden windows are designed for people who appreciate the unique aesthetics and modern design woodwork.

It is possible to door in pine, meranti, oak and Siberian larch.
Wooden doors slide and tilt PSK is designed for those who appreciate above all space-saving.

Thanks to the construction of PSK, we are able to efficiently arrange the interior, while not wasting space dilation wings.

Wooden windows PSK are designed for people who appreciate the unique aesthetics and modern design woodwork.

It is possible to door in pine, meranti, oak and Siberian larch.

Available version with handle-type machine.

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