Aluminum doors

Metal doors are an excellent solution for arrangement of the entrance. At the same time, aluminum door leaves are a practical and durable option. They are resistant to high humidity, temperature differences, ultraviolet rays, exposure to fire, corrosion-resistant. The door structure is distinguished by a light weight but high durability therefore it is less likely that over time they will begin to sag down.

Easy-to-process aluminum allows to manufacture entrance doors of non-standard sizes. Often, the metal profile is filled with a sandwich panel or double glass panes having different thickness and various characteristics (for example, a matte, tinted glass, mirror glass is used, it can be supplemented with decorative stained inserts). Aluminum doors are distinguished by a variety of designs: they may be single-leaved or two-leaved, have swing or sliding leaves.

Aluminum entrance doors have various profile types:

  1. Thermally insulated. It shall be installed in the external doorway. Installation of such aluminum doors allows to decrease significantly heat losses, makes the house more comfortable. The thermal break constitutes the peculiarity of this profile. The thermal break is an inner polyamide layer insulating the premises from heat losses and protecting the metal against frost penetration. Aluminum doors of this type normally have not less than three chambers and a double sealing contour. A triple-pane glass can be installed into a thermally insulated profile, since double-pane glass is not normally used for such profiles. Following the wish of the client, the door structure can be fit with sandwich panel and a thermal break. As a rule, a  door set shall be fit with a door sill.
  2. Without thermal insulation. Such profile is not fit with a thermal break, has a lighter weight than thermally insulated aluminum profile. Normally it is used indoors. Such door sets have one air chamber, and double sealing contour. One-chamber glass or sandwich panels are used with the aluminum profile without thermal insulation. Normally, such doors do not have a door sill.

In our store you can order an aluminum entrance door with sliding or swing leaves, coated with high-quality laminated film of any shade that you may choose in the RAL color chart.

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